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Every day around the world, large companies and corporations pay market research companies to host and conduct market research studies (focus group, consumer testing, interviews, etc) to obtain opinions from people on new and existing products and services in every sector of the economy.

Why would they pay to get this information?
Any business owner knows, in order to find out what products or services are more likely to be bought and consumed, you got to see what people are interested in. The best way to get this information is by asking the people who use these products/services directly.

InFocus Group provide market research companies with respondents suitable for participating in ongoing market research projects to share their opinions and thoughts on products, services and a wide coverage of topics.

Participating in a market research project is a great way to earn extra cash by sharing your opinions with companies willing to pay for your feedback.

Typically, you will be rewarded SGD $40 - $100 per hour for each project, depending on the nature of the project.

At InFocus Group, we put you in touch with the best of market research projects in Singapore.